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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR


• The performance of Camera has been improved
• The security of your device has been improved.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR


- Extract the date and address from the event title and recommend automatic registration.
- Receive notifications from SmartThings devices that also have specified schedule notifications.
- The performance of Camera has been improved
- Eye comfort shield function has been added.
- The color temperature of the screen automatically adjusts for the time of day.
Buds Auto Switching
- Support Buds auto switching between Galaxy phone and tablet.
- Extract the date and address from the reminder memo and recommend to register automatically, and remind important information by situation.
Share Sheet
- It is now possible to protect your privacy by deleting the location information of previously taken photos before sharing or posting them on social media.
Social Platform
- Synchronize valid links created on devices with the same registered Samsung account.
- The use of social media services has been simplif...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR N975WVLS5EUA1 N975WOYV5EUA1N975WVLS5EUA111
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR N975WVLS5DTKA N975WOYV5DTKAN975WVLS5DTKA10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR N975WVLS5DTJ6 N975WOYV5DTJ6N975WVLS5DTJ610
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR N975WVLS4DTI1 N975WOYV4DTI1N975WVLS4DTI110
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR


Samsung DeX
- Wireless DeX connection support.
  . Wireless connection with TVs through Wi-Fi Direct (compatible with Miracast).
* Quick panel - DeX
  . Usage of Samsung Smart TVs released after 2019 is recommended.
- Screen Zoom and Font Size options are supported to allow customization in various display sizes.

- If quality information on nearby Wi-Fi routers can be measured, this information will appear as  Very Fast, Fast, Normal, or Slow.
  * This feature can be turned on or off in "Network Quality Information Display" settings.
- When attempting to access a Wi-Fi router with a password, a newly added feature now allows the user to request the password of the Wi-Fi router from someone nearby who is saved in their contact list and has already connected to that router.
  * The "Request Password" button will appear on the Wi-Fi password input screen when you can request a password.

Always On Display
- Bitmoji Stickers are suppo...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR N975WVLS4CTG1 N975WOYV4CTG1N975WVLS4CTG110
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR N975WVLS4CTF3 N975WOYV4CTF3N975WVLS4CTF310
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975WCHR


• The stability of Camera has been improved.
• Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
• The stability of Touch screen has been improved.
• The security of your device has been improved.
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